How do I know the juices are detoxing me like they are supposed to?

    You are cleansing your body of toxins, so you might

                 experience some classic and common symptoms: headaches,

                 cravings, weakness, dry mouth, runny nose, nausea, cramps,

                 constipation and gas.

    What can I eat during a cleanse?

      Eat clean and light, including lots of fresh vegetables

                   and fruits in your diet.

                   Avoid heavily processed foods as much as possible.

                   Listen to your body, don’t overeat, chew properly and eat

                   slowly to help your digestive system adjust.

      Can I smoke during the cleanse?

        Reduce or eliminate alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

        Can I perform heavy/intense workouts during my cleanse?

          Refrain from rigorous physical activity. Drink plenty of water between juices.

          Get adequate sleep, it is important you give your body time to restore, heal

          and rejuvenate.

          At what interval should I have my cleanse juices?

            You will receive your juices in the morning. We suggest you drink them in

            their numbered order and drink one every 2-2.5 hours.

            What are the benefits of the Juice cleanse?

              Fruits and vegetables in their raw form, are amongst the richest available

                           sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Drunk in a raw juice form, these

                           valuable nutrients pass rapidly into your blood stream as they require very

                           little breaking down. All Fresh Pressery juices are packed with nourishing

                           fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They have been cold pressed using a slow

                           speed, hydraulic machine without exposing the ingredients to any heat. This

                           ensures all the nutrients are preserved, helping you benefit from every

                           delicious sip.